Hello lovers of our CONSTITUTION!

WARCHICK–fighting for the LAW OF THE LAND, our beloved CONSTITUTION

My name is RESA LARU KIRKLAND, but I was given the nickname WARCHICK by my beloved Korean War Veterans over a dozen years ago.  A quick bio on me from my website:

WARCHICK is a military historian/conservative commentator. She is a frequent guest on multiple talk-radio shows and is author of the forthcoming “Forgotten Warrior” series. She coined the phrases “Political Castration”–nothing correct about it–and ISLAMMUNISM–the secret combination of Islam/Communism. She sounds the war cry on North Korea and its unholy alliance with terrorism. She has a degree in Education but stands firm against the NEA. WARCHICK has been an online favorite since 2002.

I’ve decided to begin by uploading a 6 minute video proposal of a truly remarkable story I’ve been after for 20 years now,  Please spread it far and wide.  After that I will put up selections from my archives of the past decade, beginning with the first 3 piecer I wrote at the behest of Joseph Farah of WORLD NET DAILY when I discussed my belief that ISLAM and COMMUNISM had formed a secret combination, and informed him that 7 years earlier it had led me to coin the term ISLAMMUNISM.  That’s coming up next!

Here is the video for my book and documentary entitled FORGOTTEN WARRIOR–Twice In One Day


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