LIES!! June 5 2013: War Relics, Mementoes Collected in DPRK

calendar>>Jun 5. 2013 Juch 102
Pyongyang, June 5 (KCNA) — Citizens in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have presented a wave of relics and mementoes of the Fatherland Liberation War (June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953) for display at the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum now under reconstruction.

More than 1 400 items of relics and mementoes in 100 kinds were collected from across the country at present.

Among them are photos of President Kim Il Sung which anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters, Choe Hyon and Rim Chun Chu, had given to servicepersons.

And there are a suit of soldiers’ padded clothes sent by Kim Il Sung, a certification of Distinguished Military Service Medal carrying his signature and a radio and an enlarger he gave to a soldier as gifts.

Blood-stained DPRK flags, reminiscent of hard-fought battles, were presented from Pyongyang, Chongjin and Wonsan cities. The flags had been regarded as the soul of martyrs and as heirlooms by war veterans and bereaved families.

The presentations also include military uniforms, decorations, petitions for party membership, diaries, hundreds of photos and letters, newspapers, literary works, musical instruments, a pair of binoculars, maps and compasses. Many decoration certificates carry Kim Il Sung’s name.


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